Browns' DB Peppers Thinks Fan Issues Stem From Being Michigan Alum

Interesting Channel 3 story here about Jabrill Peppers' iffy relationship with Cleveland Browns fans.

He thinks that attending Michigan is 'absolutely a factor' in some of the confrontations he's had. 

Two things: 1.) Cleveland fans are the most passionate I've ever seen, so when you call them "wishy-washy" they will react, and they will definitely not warm up to you

2.) Peppers hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire, yet.

I will defend Jabrill on this one point; As a fan, if your hatred of Michigan runs that deep, that you can't put it behind you to root for a player who's now a Cleveland Brown... get yourself some therapy, you're just TOO wrapped up in the past. 

Watch how quickly people will forget his former Wolverine status if he improves.

He's had a few fan confrontations, but at the end of the day, you just can't come between a man and his daily toiletries...

ESPN's very interesting take on Jabrill AND the fans... Warning: Don't watch if you can't take some criticism as a Browns fan... it'll ruin your day. 

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