Steelers' Fan Snoop Dogg Encouraging The BROWNS (??) During CLE Visit

Hip-hop and Steelers fans must be scratching their heads today, wondering what their man Snoop Dogg was doing at Cleveland Browns practice yesterday, and leaving behind an encouraging video for the team.

Anyone who REALLY knows Snoop knows he's a true fan of the game itself, and it's not a true rivalry unless there's some REAL competition. 

Snoop explained himself later in an interview saying he likes a lot of Browns players, starting with new QB Baker Mayfield. Snoop also mentioned Jarvis Landry, Myles Garrett, and Jabrill Peppers as favs too. 

Of course it didn't hurt that Snoop was in Cleveland promoting his new play, “Redemption of a Dogg,” and he also knows head coach Hue Jackson going back a ways... so there's that. 

But Hue says he's cautious of bandwagoners, (not that he's directly casting Snoop as one) and keeping his boys focused.

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