Grinch Teases Cavs' J.R. Smith About 'Game 1' Blunder In New Movie Ad

I had no idea The Grinch was Cleveland sports fan, but apparently so. Or at the very least he watches lots of Sportscenter. 

Check out this new trailer for the new "Grinch" movie, as the title character makes a pretty random call to mess with J.R. Smith about last year's finals Game 1 blunder. This is all after J.R. takes his shirt off, of course.

Since the finals incident had to do with the play-clock, The Grinch had some cleverly locked and loaded "time"-related remarks to fire off, until the Cavs' star hung up on him. 

The latest Grinch Movie, with Benedict Cumberbatch as the grumbly lead character, hits theaters November 9th. 

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