Corey Kluber Says A Very Classy "Thank You" To Cleveland

I was so impressed and moved by this note former Tribe ace Corey Kluber wrote to the fans that he pitched for for years. In this modern sports culture where players move from team-to-team, sometimes as often as they change socks, it's great to actually read words like these from one who's reluctantly moving on, and still has love for the team and area that gave him his start.

For the The Players Tribune, Corey writes:

“Thank you to the Indians for a decade of great memories: 2016, the win streak in 2017, 20 wins in 2018. Cleveland is where I became a major league ballplayer, and it’s where I developed my identity as a pitcher. There are a lot of things I’m proud of, a lot of things that we accomplished together. And I’ll never forget any of it.... When I come back to Cleveland next season, I’ll be coming back as a visitor. But I’ll still go over to the Indians’ clubhouse and say hello, still make sure to see all the people I saw every day when I was playing there. I’m excited to be in a new situation, but those things will always be a part of me. I’ll be back as a Ranger, but I’ll always be from Cleveland.”

You can read the whole letter here

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