Meet the New Members of the 2020 Malone Scholarship Family

Meet the New Members of the 2020 Malone Scholarship Family

Jimmy Malone from iHeartMedia Cleveland’s WMJI had a banner spring with his scholarship program, which was started in 1993.He had 11 students graduate this spring and his goal was to pick 5 or 6 new students, however, MORE were selected.

“I was presented me with some truly amazing applicants,” said Jimmy Malone.“In fact, they did too good of a job because I had an extremely difficult time with the selection process.All of them are very impressive and I am very excited to have 15 new students in my scholarship family.”

What’s even more impressive is there is a total of 61 students currently active in the Malone Scholarship Family this year.

Jimmy is very proud of the diverse group of students who receive the 4 year scholarships.There are no restrictions on race, religion, politics etc.The scholarship is available to students who graduate from high schools in Cuyahoga, Lake, Medina, Summit, and Lorain County.

The goal of the Malone Scholarship at College Now Greater Cleveland, a 501(c)(3), is to provide college scholarships to deserving students. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must be Pell Grant eligible, and have a positive outlook on life. Students must also attend a college that is affordable for their financial circumstances.The Malone family looks for students who are committed to graduating on time without excessive debt. Preference is given to students attending a college or university in Ohio.

Jimmy’s daughter, Angela Malone, and April Malone help him maintain the scholarship and mentor the students.Mentoring is an essential part of the Malone Scholarship program. Our involvement with our students helps them graduate on time, and helps prepare them for life after college.

Congrats to Jimmy and the Class of 2020 on a job well done!


Meet the New Malone Scholarship Family Members

Katie Mobley graduated from Valley Forge High school and plans to attend the Ohio State University and major in Biomedical engineering. Something fun about Katie is that she has a secret baking talent and can bake almost anything!

Julie Le-Quay, attended Villa-Angela- St. Joseph High school, and plans to attend Hiram College and major in Biology on a pre-vet track. 1 fun fact about Julie is she loves scary movies Julie says“my favorite is the first Annabelle movie, but I’m also childishly terrified of watching them so my hands cover both of my eyes a majority of the time while watching a scary movie — adds to the excitement, really.” 

Brian Johnson, graduated from Shaw High School and will be attending Kent State University this fall. He will be majoring in Biology on the Pre-Med track. One interesting fact about Brian is that he loves to sing.

Jazmine Rodriguez is a graduate of James Ford Rhodes. She will be attending Cuyahoga Community College,and will major in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Fun fact about Jazmione, she can touch her nose with her tongue!

Raevin McQueen graduated from Brush High School and will be attending Ohio State University She will major in electrical engineering. One fun fact about Raevin is that when she was little her parents used to make her sit on her left hand when she did her homework all throughout pre-K and kindergarten because they thought it was strange that she was left handed and that somehow they could fix it. Fortunately, it didn’t work.

Angenetta Boyce graduated from Saint Martin de Porres High School. She will be attending Ohio State University to study Biomedical Engineering. One fun fact about Angenetta is that she loves to listen to music. 

Clare Lavelle is a graduate of Avon Lake High School and Lorain County JVS. She will attend Kent State University and major in psychology. A fun fact about Lavelle is that she’s left handed!

Mariam Awad graduated from Padua Franciscan High school and is attending Kent State University in the fall. She will major in biology on a pre-med track! A fun fact about Mariam is that she is bilingual in both English and Arabic. 

Christopher Rodriguez graduated from John Marshall High School of Civic & Business Leadership. He will attend Cleveland State University and major in Mathematics. A fun fact about Chris is that he taught half a year of a Chinese II class

Mena Pobega is an alumni of Garfield Heights High School. She will be attending Cleveland State University this fall, and will major in Bio-Medical Technology. A fun fact about Mena, she co-parents two young pit bulls, a blue-nose tough guy named Mac and a red-nose princess named Peaches. 

India Matthews graduated Bedford High School.She will attend CSU in the fall and major in Psychology. One fun fact about India:Her favorite show is the Vampire Diaries

Jon Little is a graduate of John Hay early College. He will attend Ohio State University and major in molecular genetics. A fun fact about Jon is that he loves math.

Adrienne Wells is a graduate of Columbia High School and will be attending Baldwin Wallace University. Adrienne is still deciding on her major. A fun fact about Adrienne: She has always loved all types of music and she enjoys singing. Music was her biggest passion and inspiration growing up.

Jessica Liang is a graduate of Mayfield High School, She will attend Ohio State University and major in Biology. A fun fact about Jessica, she plays the piano and the clarinet.

Gabrielle Wheeler is a graduate of the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine at John Hay Campus. She will attend The Ohio State University and major in Motion Image Production.

A Fun Fact about Gabrielle: “Though I Cannot speak French, a lot of Native Spanish Speakers say that I speak Spanish with a French accent”

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