Jack Daniel's Battle of the Bar Bands Contest Rules



Contest Name: Jack Daniel’s Battle of the Bar Bands (the “Contest”)

Participating Stations: See attached Station list in Appendix A (each a “Station”)

Station Address: 3400 West Olive Avenue Suite 550, Burbank CA 91505

ThisContest/Sweepstakes  is  administered  andsponsored  solely  byiHeartMedia  +  Entertainment,  Inc. (“Sponsor”).  Anyquestions, comments orcomplaints regarding theContest/Sweepstakes must bedirected to the Sponsor. Brown-Forman and Jack Daniel’s is a “Promotion Sponsor” and is in no way responsible for the administration of this Contest/Sweepstakes. Do not contact Brown-Forman/Jack Daniel’s regarding questions about this Contest/Sweepstakes.For a copy of these Official Contest/Sweepstakes Rules, please visit the participating Station’s website. See attached Appendix A for a list of Stations and Station Websites.

Listof Winner(s): Forthe name(s) ofthe winner(s) senda stamped, self-addressed envelope,to: iHeartMedia + Entertainment, Inc., Battle of the Bar Bands Contest at 3400 West Olive Avenue Suite 550, Burbank CA 91505.

ELIGIBILITY.The Contest is open only to individuals who (i) are legal U.S. residents of one of the states/ counties listed below in Appendix A (“Eligibility Area”); (ii) who are 21 years of age or older at the time of entry and (iii) and who are in a band (“Band”) with minimum of one (1) member. Every member in the band must be 21 years of age or older. In the event of a dispute as to the identity of an entrant, the authorized account holder of the account will be deemed to be the entrant (“Entrant”). Void outside the Eligibility Area and where prohibited or restricted by law.


Public Voting Sweepstakes is open only to individuals who (i) are legal residents of the 50 states of the United States or the District of Columbia, (ii) who are 21 years of age (or the age of majority in the entrant’s state of residence, whichever is older) at the time of entry. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

The Contest/Sweepstakes is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local law and regulations.

Employees, contractors,officers and directorsof Sponsor, itsaffiliates, parent companies,subsidiaries, divisions, suppliers, distributors and advertising, promotional and judging agencies, the Station, Brown-Forman/Jack Daniel’s and any third party prize provider(s) and/or prize fulfillment service (collectively, the “Contest Entities”); persons affiliated with the alcoholic beverageindustry, including butnot limited to,suppliers, distributors orretailers of alcoholbeverage products; individuals employed by any other radio and televisions station; and members of the immediate families (spouse and biological, adoptive or step-parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren and siblings, and each of their respective spouses regardless of where they reside) or households (whether related or not) of any of the above individuals are not eligible to participate in the Contest or win the prize. Winners from previous years are ineligible to participate in this Contest.

Eligibility Frequency Limits:  The Sponsor may set limitations on how frequently an individual can be eligible to win more than one prize within a specified time period.For national sweepstakes/contests, an individual may win only once (1) every fifteen (15) days. However, thesame individual maynot win morethan one tripto a specificevent. For local sweepstakes/contests, an individual may win only once (1) every seven (7) days.  An individual may not win more than three (3) times in one month. Only one (1) winner per household is permitted in any contest or sweepstakes.“Household members” shall mean people who share the same residence at least three (3) months a year.

1.TIMING:   Contest begins on June 27, 2022 at 12:00:00 a.m. PT and ends at 11:59:00 p.m. PT on July 17, 2022 (“Contest Period").

“Submission Period”: June 27, 2022 at 12:00:00 a.m. PT and ends July 17, 2022 at 11:59:59 p.m. PT

“Finalist Judging Period” (to select twenty-eight (28) “Finalists”, one (1) Finalist per Market): July 18, 2022 – July 28, 2022

“Public Voting Period”: July 29, 2022 at 12:00:00 a.m. PT and ends August 14, 2022 at 11:59:59 p.m. PT

Contest Winner Selection on or about: August 15, 2022 – August 21, 202

“Public Voting Sweepstakes Period”:The Public Voting Sweepstakes begins July 29, 2022 at 12:00:00 a.m. PT and ends

August 13, 2022 at 11:59:59 p.m. PT.

Public Voting Sweepstakes Winner Selection on or about: August 15, 2022


Howto Enter: Duringthe Contest Period,visit http://www.jdbattleofthebarbands.com toregister for theContest by submitting the entry form with all required information (including your name, artist stage name (artist), e-mail address, any other information requested by Sponsor) as well as your submission, to receive one (1) entry into the Contest.

Limit one (1) entry per person/email address/household. Entries must contain all information requested and comply with all content submission requirements set forth herein to be valid.

ENTRY AND ELIGIBILITY GUIDELINES: All entries submitted must comply with the following guidelines.

SUBMISSION CRITERIA:  Entry submissions must be made by submitting an audio file to the contest page on http://www.jdbattleofthebarbands.comaccording to the criteria below. The Sponsor will not take submissions from a 3rd party. Proof of ownership may be required by contest judges. Contest submissions must be submitted and received before the Entry Period deadline.

Entry Criteria:

  1. Entry submission should be an audio recording of the artist performing an original song and cannot include a cover or derivative material of any kind.
  2. Submission MUST be original material.
  3. Submission must be submitted by direct upload on the registration page.
  4. Submission must be an audio file in one of the accepted formats - .mp3 / .wav with a maximum file size of 200

MB. Sponsor is not responsible for the functionality of the file provided, including factors that may interfere with the Contest or the ability of a potential entrant to participate in the Contest.

  1. Band may submit one (1) audition entry during the Contest Period. Multiple Band entries are not allowed;
  2. Band Contact must be the registered subscriber of the email account from which the entry is made.
  3. Band must not be obligated to or bound by any sort of recording contracts or agreements with a record label.
  4. Band must also provide the following information:

●Your complete name as it appears on your identification

●Your official Band name

●Your phone number

●Your email address

●Your date of birth

For all entries: Each Band is eligible to submit up to one (1) entry during the Submission Period. Multiple Entrants from the same Band are not permitted regardless if they share the same email address or other relevant account. Any additional entries received by using multiple/different email addresses, identities, registrations and logins, or any other methods will be void. All entries become the property of Sponsor and will not be acknowledged or returned.

Permissions: Entrant must have permission from any recognizable individuals who appear in the Submission to use their names and likenesses in the Submission and to grant the rights set forth herein.

Multiple entrants are not permitted to share the same email address. Should multiple users of the same e-mail account or mobile phone number, as applicable, enter the Contest and a dispute thereafter arise regarding the identity of the entrant, the authorized account holder of said e-mail account or mobile phone account at the time of entry will be considered the entrant. “Authorized account holder” is defined as the natural person who is assigned an e-mail address or mobile phone number by an Internet access provider, on-line service provider, telephone service provider or other organization which is responsible for assigning e-mail addresses, phone numbers or the domain associated with the submitted e-mail address. Proof of submission of an entry shall not be deemed proof of submission or receipt by the Sponsor for online entries. When applicable, the Sponsor’s computer will be deemed the official time keeping device for the Contest. Entries will be disqualified if incomplete and/or if prohibited multiple entries in excess of the states limit are received. All entries become the property of Sponsor and will not be acknowledged or returned.

By participating, you agree (a) to be bound by these Official Contest Rules; (b) as between you and the Sponsor, that the decisions ofthe Sponsor isfinal on all matters relatingto the Contest;(c) you arenot participating onbehalf of any employer or third party; (d) in the event that you do not comply with these Rules, that you will be disqualified and your prize (if any) will be forfeited; and (e) (when applicable) the potential winner and/or finalist must be available to participate in any portion to the Contest that participation may be required to be considered eligible.


As used herein, “Content” includes and refers to all information, content, and material submitted by you in connection with the Contest (including, but not limited to your submission.

By submitting your Content, you warrant and represent that such Content: (a) has not won previous awards, (b) does not infringe upon the rights of any person or entity (including such individual’s and/or entity’s copyrights, trademarks rights, rights of privacy or publicity or any other intellectual property), (c) that you have obtained permission from a person whose name, likeness or name is used in the Content, and (d) and that publication of the Content via various media including Web posting, will not infringe on the rights of any third party rights. Any such entrant will indemnify and hold harmless, Released Parties(as defined herein)from any claimsto the contrary. Anyentrant whose Contentincludes names or likenessesof third partiesor contains elementsnot owned bythe entrant (suchas, but notlimited to, depictionsof persons, buildings, trademarks or logos) must be able to provide legal releases for such use including Sponsor’s use of such Content,in a formsatisfactory to Sponsor,upon request, priorto award ofprize and/or namingof entrant as a winner. The Content submitted shall be 100% owned and controlled by the entrant. The Content shall be free and clear of any claims by any person whose writings, quotes, or ideas are embodied in the Content, or any person rendering services in connection with the Content. The Content shall not contain any materials owned or controlled by a third party for which you have not obtained a license. The Sponsor reserves the right to remove or void any Content that it deems to be in violation of these Official Rules, in its sole and absolute discretion.

By submitting Content you agree that your Content disclosure is gratuitous, unsolicited, and made without restriction, will not placethe Sponsor orContest Entities underany fiduciary or other obligation,that the Sponsoris free touse and otherwise disclosethe ideas containedin the Entryon a non-confidential basisto anyone orotherwise use theideas without any additional compensation to you. You acknowledge that, by acceptance of your Content, the Sponsor and the Contest Entities do not waive any rights to use similar or related ideas previously known to Sponsor or Contest Entities, or developed by their employees, or obtained from sources other than you.

CONTENT MAY BE POSTED ON SPONSOR’S WEBSITE, OR ELSEWHERE ON THE INTERNET AS AUTHORIZED BY SPONSOR, IN SPONSOR’S DISCRETION. In consideration for your participation in this Contest and for the opportunity to win a prize hereunder, you hereby grant the Sponsor, the Contest Entities, and another authorized on their behalf, an unlimited, perpetual, worldwide,non-exclusive,non-restrictive,royalty-free, sub-licensable (throughmultiple tiers) right andlicense to use,publish, reproduce, display,perform, adapt, modify,distribute, publicly perform,transmit, have distributed, prepare derivative works of, and promote such Content in any form, in all media now known or hereinafter created, anywhere in the world, for any purpose and without consideration to the entrant.

All Content submitted must confirm to the additional submission requirements set forth as follows to be eligible:

●Content must comply with these Official Rules and any Terms of Service on the Sponsor website;

●Content must be uploaded/submitted in the format specified and must comply with the posting requirements set forth above and as posted on the Sponsor website;

●The Content must be Federal Communications Commission acceptable, including no use of indecent or obscene material or language;

●Content cannotbe sexually explicitor suggestive, unnecessarilyviolent or derogatoryof any ethnic,racial, gender, religious, professional or age group, profane or pornographic, contain nudity or any materially dangerous activity;

●Content cannot promote, illegal drugs, tobacco, or firearms/weapons (or the use of any of the foregoing), and cannot promote or portray any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous, or any particular political agenda or message;

●Content cannot be offensive, endorse any form of hate or hate group;

●Content cannotdefame, misrepresent orcontain disparaging, libelous,or misleading remarks,comments, or material about the Sponsor, the Station, the Sponsor, any of their respective products and/or services, or about any other people, products or companies;

●Content cannotinfringe on orviolate any copyright,patent, trademark, tradesecret, right ofpublicity, or other intellectual property, proprietary, or contractual right of a third party and cannot contain any personal identification such as license plate numbers, personal names, e-mail addresses or street addresses, other than entrant’s;

●Content cannot contain trademarks, logos or trade dress owned by others, or advertise or promote any brand or product of any kind, without permission;

●Content cannot contain copyrighted materials owned by others without permission (Sponsor does not permit the infringement of others’ rights and any use of materials not original to the entrant, except copyrighted materials owned by Sponsor, is grounds for disqualification from the Contest. Therefore, do not copy your favorite movie, book orphoto or includematerials, images, graphics,music or trademarksbelonging to anythird parties or incorporate the names, voices, likeness or personas of any party other than yourself unless you have obtained all rights necessary to permit you to use same in connection with your content and grant the rights herein granted to Sponsor and Contest Entities);

●The Content cannot be abusive or harassing towards any individual or group of individuals regarding race, sex, religion, creed, nationalorigin, age, disability,gender identity orexpression, sexual orientationor any legally protected classification (whichincludes, but isnot limited to,epithets or slurs,threats, intimidations, orhostile acts);

●Content cannot contain materials embodying the names, likenesses, photographs, or other indicia identifying any person, living or dead, without permission;

●Content cannot communicate any messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or goodwill to which Sponsor wishes to associate;

●Content cannot depict, and cannot itself, be in violation of any law; and

●The Content must be socially acceptable and in good taste, as determined by the Station in the Station’s sole discretion.

●Content must comply with the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States as made publicly available at the following online location: https://www.distilledspirits.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/ DISCUS_CodeofResponsiblePractices_FINAL.pdf.

ALL DECISIONSREGARDING THE APPROPRIATENESS OFTHE MATERIALS CONTAINEDIN THE CONTENT SHALL BE AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE SPONSOR. The Sponsor reserves the right to reject any Content, in its sole discretion, based on the terms set forth herein as well as current broadcast standards and other programming and operatingpractices and policiesestablished by theSponsor and/or Stationfor airing advertising.Any waiver of any obligation hereunder by Sponsor does not constitute a general waiver of any obligation to entrants. Sponsor reserves the right to waive the Contest Content requirements set forth herein in its reasonable discretion. Sponsor reserves the right, in its reasonable discretion, during or upon completion of the Entry Period, to request that any entrant resubmit his or her Content which failsto comply withthe Content requirementsprior to anyjudging period. CONSUMER CREATED CONTENT POSTED TO THE WEBSITE WAS NOT EDITED BY SPONSOR AND IS THE VIEWS/OPINIONS OF THE INDIVIDUAL ENTRANT AND DOES NOT REFLECT THE VIEWS OF SPONSOR IN ANY MANNER. If you think that any Content infringes yourintellectual property rights,click here ifyou wish toreport it, contactus by mailat DMCA Designated Agent, c/o Legal Department, iHeartMedia, Inc., 20880 Stone Oak Parkway, San Antonio, Texas 78258,” by fax at (210)832-3149, or byemail at dmca@iHeartMedia.com andinclude the informationrequired at iHeartMedia'sTerms of Use.

By acceptinga prize, thewinner(s) agrees thathis or herContent will bedeemed a WorkMade For Hireunder the Copyright laws of the United States, but if it cannot be so deemed, then the winner irrevocably assigns and transfers to Sponsor all of his/her right, title and interest in and to his/her Content, including all but not limited to all copyright and trademark rights which he or she may have, in the United States and worldwide, therein, for consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of whichis hereby acknowledged.Winner hereby waivesin favor ofSponsor, all rightsof “Droit Moral”or “Moral Rights of Authors” or any similar rights or principles of law that winner may now or later have to their Content. Sponsor reserves the right to alter, change or modify the winning Content, in its sole discretion. Upon request of Sponsor, winner shall executeand deliver suchadditional instrument ofassignment, as maybe solely deemedby Sponsor, reasonably necessary to establish the ownership of record of the right, title and interest in and to the Content and of the copyrights transferred and “Moral Rights of Authors” waived under these Official Rules. Should Sponsor fail to request the said assignment as stated that shall not be deemed a waiver of Sponsor’s rights and Sponsor may at a later time request the assignment.

3.FINALIST JUDGING PERIOD (TO SELECT TWENTY-EIGHT (28) FINALISTS (ONE (1) FINALIST PER MARKET): At the conclusion of the Submission Period, the Sponsor will designate a panel of judges to select a total of twenty-eight (28) Finalists (one (1) Finalist per Market) using the equally weighted judging criteria listed below. ALL DECISIONS OF THE JUDGES WILL BE FINAL. In the event of a tie, the tied Submissions will be judged by an additional judge who will serve as a tie- breaker using the same criteria as outlined herein.

Judging Criteria -

50% Skill Set

35% Content Quality

15% Originality

FINALISTNOTIFICATION: The potentialfinalist will benotified by phoneat the phonenumber provided during registration andby e-mail atthe e-mail addressprovider during registration.THE SPONSOR WILL CALL THE POTENTIAL FINALIST. THE POTENTIAL FINALIST MUST RETURN THE CALL WITHIN TWENTY-FOUR (24) HOURS OR WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AND SPONSOR WILL SELECT THE NEXT POTENTIAL FINALIST, WHO WILL ALSO BE NOTIFIED IN THE SAME METHOD.  Notification is deemed to have occurred immediately upon placing of a phone call and sending an e-mail. The Sponsoris not responsiblefor any changeof email address,mailing address, and/or telephone numberof entrants. TheSweepstakes Entities arenot responsible forand shall notbe liable forlate, misdirected or unsuccessful efforts to notify potential finalist(s). If, the potential finalist does not claim the prize within the appropriate time given upon, the entrant will automatically be disqualified and their prize will be forfeited.  The Sponsor reserves the right to select fewer than twenty-eight (28) Finalists if there are fewer than twenty-eight (28) eligible entries or for any reason in accordance with these Contest Rules.

Finalists will receive a prize for being selected as a Finalist.

Public Voting Period and Winner Selection:  During the Public Voting Period the confirmed Finalists’ Submissions will be made available for viewing on the Station’s website where listeners will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite Submission.  Voting is limited to one vote per verified email address per day.  If an entrant receives irregular or fraudulent votes or multiple votes from the same user or users in one day, including but not limited to, votes generatedby a robotic,programmed, script, macro,other automated meansor other source,the Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify the Finalist in its sole discretion.

The Grand Prize winner will be the one (1) Finalist who receives the most votes during the Public Voting Period.  The potential Grand Prize winner will be notified by email and/or telephone using contact information provided at the time of entry. Sponsorshall have noliability for anywinner notification thatis lost, interceptedor not receivedby a potential winner forany reason. Ifany potential winnerdoes not respondwithin the timerequired by Sponsor,or if thewinner notification is returned as unclaimed or undeliverable to any potential winner, such potential winner will forfeit his or her prize and an alternate winner may be selected. If any potential winner is found to be ineligible, or if he or she has not complied with these Contest Rules or declines the prize for any reason, such potential winner will be disqualified and the prize may be awarded to the Finalist who receives the next most number of votes.

Public Voting Sweepstakes Period: During the Public Voting Sweepstakes Period, anyone wishing to vote (as indicated above) must follow the instructions at the Station’s Website, as described above.Once a vote has been submitted and received by the Sponsor, the voter will earn one (1) Sweepstakes entry (“Sweepstakes Entry”). There is a limit of one (1) Sweepstakes entry per person/email address per day. All votes must be completed and submitted at the conclusion of the Public Voting Sweepstakes Period, for your vote/Sweepstakes Entry to be included in the Voting Sweepstakes Random Drawing.

Public Voting Sweepstakes Random Drawing:  On or about August 14, 2022, the Sponsor will randomly select one (1) Voting Sweepstakes winner from among all eligible Sweepstakes Entries received throughout the Voting Period. Odds of winning are dependenton the totalnumber of eligibleSweepstakes Entries receivedduring the VotingPeriod. The potential winners will be notified by phone at the phone number provided during registration and by e-mail at the e-mail address provider during registration. THE SPONSOR WILL CALL THE POTENTIAL WINNER.THE POTENTIAL WINNER MUSTRETURN THE CALLWITHIN TWENTY-FOUR (24)HOURS OR WILLBE DISQUALIFIED AND SPONSORWILL SELECT THENEXT POTENTIAL WINNER,WHO WILL ALSOBE NOTIFIED INTHE SAME METHOD. Notification is deemed to have occurred immediately upon placing of a phone call and sending an e-mail. The Sponsor is not responsible for any change of email address, mailing address, and/or telephone number of entrants. The ContestEntities are notresponsible for andshall not beliable for late,misdirected or unsuccessfulefforts to notify potential winner(s). If the potential winner does not claim the prize within the appropriate time given upon, the entrant will automatically be disqualified and their prize will be forfeited.

Potential Contests winner(s) is subject to verification, including verification of eligibility. If an entrant is unable to verify his/ her information,the entrant willautomatically be disqualifiedand their prize,if any, willbe forfeited. The Sponsor reserves the right to determine an alternate winner in accordance with these Official Rules in the event that any winner isdisqualified, cannot becontacted, or isdeemed ineligible forany reason, oris not availableto participate in any applicable Contests events.

As a condition of participating in the Contest, entrants agree and acknowledge that in order to receive a prize and be deemeda winner, entrantsmust sign anofficial waiver formprovided by theSponsor and agreeto the termsherein, including but not limited to the prize conditions. The potential prize winner, may (in Sponsor’s sole discretion) be required to signand return adeclaration of eligibilityand  any otherform necessary toverify eligibility, alongwith the required releases within twenty four hours after the first delivery attempt to entrants e-mail address in order for the potential prize winner to bequalified for theprize, unless otherwisestated herein or at thetime of notification.The potential prize winner's failure to return all required forms within this time period may result in the potential winner being disqualified and, in such event,the Sponsor mayaward the prizeto an alternatewinner from amongall remaining eligibleentries, as determined by Sponsor in its sole and discretion.



●$10,000 awarded in the form of a check;

●opportunity to be featured on iHeartRadio and a ‘promotional tour’(which means interviews on a several iHR stations)

Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $11,000

Prize Provider: iHeartMedia + Entertainment, Inc.


Each Finalist will receive $1,000 in the form of a check. Approximate Retail Value of each Finalist Prize: $1,000.00. Prize Provider: iHeartMedia + Entertainment, Inc.


One (1) Sweepstakes prize winner will receive a $500 prepaid gift card

Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $500

Prize Provider: iHeartMedia + Entertainment, Inc.

No more than the advertised number of prizes shall be awarded. The prize is subject to certain terms and conditions as specified herein. A prize may not be sold, traded, or commissioned, and is not exchangeable, transferable, substitutable, or redeemable for cash except in Sponsor's sole discretion. Prize details and availability are subject to change. Sponsor is not the supplier or guarantor of any prize, unless otherwise specified. Prizing may be fulfilled by a third party fulfillment Sponsor. The prize will only be awarded if properly claimed according to the Rules. All costs and expenses related to the prizeacceptance, the prize,and/or prize usenot specified hereinas being providedare the soleresponsibility of winner(s). Beverage Alcohol is not part of the prize.

Promotional cards shall include and herein be referenced as “promotional card(s)” collectively to any prefunded bank card,a gift card,an electronic giftcard, stored-value cardor certificate, astore card, merchantcard, voucher for servicesor goods, agift certificate orsimilar instrument andother redeemable instrumentswith value credit or the like that may be awarded are subject to terms, conditions and restrictions as set by issuer.*Promotional cards are subject to the terms of use, applicable conditions and restrictions, including any expiration dates, promulgated by issuer of card. The promotional cards are not transferable, redeemable for cash or exchangeable for any other prize.Redemption of thepromotional card willbe subject tothe standard terms,conditions and restrictions applicable to the participating merchant and or the card issuer in effect on the day of issuance of the promotional card. The promotional card cannot be redeemed for the purchase of other promotional cards. Except as required by law, the promotional card cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value, redeemed for cash, or applied to any other account. The Sponsor isnot responsible ifany promotional cardis lost, stolen,destroyed or usedwithout permission. If the promotional card is lost or stolen, it will not be replaced. No substitutions allowed except by Sponsor at its sole discretion for a prize of comparable value.

COVID-19 Release and Waiver: Winner understands and agrees that travel will be dangerous due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic/pandemic andassumes any andall risks ofillness, injury orloss due tosuch travel. Winner acknowledges that,notwithstanding the safetyprecautions taken bythe air carrier,hotel property, stadiumsor other venues, andother providers oftravel-related services, itis possible thathe/she may stillcontract Coronavirus (COVID-19). Additionally,winner understands andagrees that, inresponse to economicand/or social conditions engendered bythe Coronavirus (COVID-19),Sponsor may becompelled to modify,postpone or cancelthe trip. In all cases, winner releases and agrees to hold harmless Sponsor (as well as the other Released Parties) from any and all liability in conjunction therewith and, in no event, shall Sponsor, (as well as the other Released Parties) have any liability in excess of the above-indicated ARV of the Trip.

Trip Prize Conditions: All prize packages shall include round-trip, coach class air transportation for winner from a major commercial airport near winner’s home to the destination and a double occupancy standard hotel room as specified in herein. Actual value of trip may vary based on point of departure and airfare fluctuations. Any difference between stated approximate retail value and actual value of Prize will not be awarded and is specified in these Official Contest Rules. Selection of airline and hotel are solely within Sponsor’s discretion. Meals, gratuities, luggage fees, incidental hotel charges and any other travel-related expenses not specified herein are the sole responsibility of winner and guest. Travel for the trip awarded must take place on and/or within the designated dates and is subject to schedule and availability, alternative travel dates will not be provided.  If the prizewinner(s) is unavailable for travel on the designated dates, the specified or prize will be forfeited and may or may not be awarded to an alternate prizewinner(s) at the sole discretion of the Sponsor.  Exact travel dates and arrangements may be subject to availability whether specified or not. Winner and travel guest must travel on same itinerary. Travel guestsmust sign andreturn a travelrelease before anyticketing of travel occurs. Winner and guest must have all necessary identification and/or travel documents (e.g., a valid U.S. driver’s license) required for travel. If the trip requires traveling outside the United States, the winner, upon winning the prize, must have a valid U.S. passport. If thewinner does nothave a validUS passport uponwinning the prize,the trip may be forfeited and an alternate winner will be selected, in the Sponsor’s sole discretion. In accordance with applicable laws, international travelers are required to possess a government issued passport, if a winner does not have or is unable to obtain a passport within any time constraints related to the prize, the winner will be disqualified. Airline tickets are non- refundable/non-transferable and are not validfor upgrades and/orfrequent flyer miles. All airline tickets are subject to flight variation, work stoppages, and schedule or route changes. If in the judgment of the Sponsor, air travel is not required due to winner's proximity to the trip destination, ground transportation will be substituted for roundtrip air travel at the Sponsor’s sole and absolute discretion. Thedifference in valuewill not beawarded to theprize winner. The Sponsorshall not beresponsible for anycancellations, delays, diversionsor substitution orany act or omissions whatsoever by the air carriers, hotels, venue operators, transportation companies, prize providers or any other persons providing any prize-related services or accommodations. Additional prize award details and travel information to be provided to the prizewinner at the time of notification. Winner and guest will be required to complete and return the applicable forms and releases. Winner must sign a prize acceptance form, provide the information for their travel guest which must be at least 21 years of age, a W-9 form, an affidavit or verification of eligibility, and a liability/publicity release (wherepermitted) signed byboth the winnerand travel guest.Prize winner(s) and guests are also responsible for obtaining travel insurance (and all other forms of insurance) at their option and hereby acknowledge that the Sponsor has not and will not obtain or provide travel insurance or any other form of insurance. Lost, stolen or damaged airline tickets, travel vouchers or certificates will not be replaced or exchanged. If a winner cannot be contacted or is disqualified, the Sponsor reserves the right to determine an alternate winner in its sole discretion. Unclaimed prize(s) will not be awarded. Certain travel restrictions and blackout dates may apply. Any andall airport transfers,ground transportation, meals, incidentals, gratuities, phone calls, luggage fees, travel insurance and applicable taxes (including, but not limited to all local, state and federal taxes) and any and all other expenses not specifically mentioned herein are the sole responsibility of the prize winner. If, for any reason, any part of the trip package is canceled or shall become unavailable, postponed or canceled, the Sponsor shall have no further responsibility for that portion of the prize and the prize will be awarded without the inclusion of the item on the same itinerary. If concerts or other ticketed events have been awarded as part of this prize package and the concert or event is postponed, rained out, canceled, or for other reasons beyond our control does not occur, The Sponsor will not be responsible for replacing that portion of the prize. The Sponsor is not responsible for late, lost, damaged or stolen luggage. Any provided tickets are subject to certain terms and conditions specified thereon, and seat locations are as solely determined by Sponsor. The Sponsor is not responsible for any travel delays, flight cancellations or difficulty. If travel delays, cancellations or difficulty prevent arrival in time for any and all elements of trip, the Sponsoris not responsiblefor awarding anycompensation in lieuthereof. Any changes to completed travel arrangements, once booked, are the sole responsibility of the winner, and are solely at the winner’s expense. All prizes or prize vouchers must be redeemed as stated in the prize notification or otherwise stated in the Official Rules. Failure to collect or properly claim any prize in accordance with these rules will result in forfeiture of the prize. If forfeited for any reason, winner will not receive any other prize substitution or compensation, and the prize will remain the property of the Sponsor andwill not beawarded, except asprovided herein. Winneragrees to acceptall blackout dates,space availability requirements, etc. established by the Sponsor’s prize partner(s), such as hotels, airlines, trains, ships, concert or event venues etc. Winner and guest must comply with all applicable laws, and any rules and regulations established by the Sponsor’s prize partner(s), if any; such as hotels, airlines, trains, ships, concert or event venues etc. Winner agrees that acceptance ofany trip takenas a  prizeis done soentirely upon theirown initiative, risk,and responsibility. BY ACCEPTING PRIZE, WINNERS ACCEPT THE INHERENTLY DANGEROUS NATURE AND RISK IN ANY TRAVEL OR TRANSPORTATION,  INCLUDINGBOATING,  SUCH  RISKINCLUDING  PERSONAL  INJURYAND/OR  DEATH, ACKNOWLEDGES THAT HIS/HER PARTICIPATION IN THE PRIZE EVENT IS VOLUNTARY, ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THERE ARE NATURAL FACTORS AND OCCURRENCES WHICH MAY IMPACT ON OR AFFECT THE SAFETY OF THE ACTIVITIES  HE/SHE  ISPARTICIPATING  IN ANDHE/SHE ASSUMES  THERISK  OF  SUCHFACTORS AND OCCURRENCES ANDAGREES THAT THESPONSOR AND RELEASEDPARTIES SHALL NOT BE INANY WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY RESULTING INJURY AND/OR DEATH.


5.TAMPERING AND DELIVERY DISCLAIMER. (a) TheSponsor, in itssole discretion, reservesthe right to disqualify and prohibit from participating (and void such person’s entries) any person, who the Sponsor determines (in its sole discretion) is or is attempting to: (i) tamper with the Sponsor’s website and/or any part of the Contest; (ii) undermine the legitimateoperation of theContest/Sweepstakes by cheating,deception, or otherunfair playing practices,(iii) or intending to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other entrants, the Sponsor, or the Released Parties or exhibits other unsportsmanlike behavior; and/or (iv) otherwise violate these Official Rules or the Terms of Use of the Sponsor’s Website. (b) ANY ATTEMPT TO DELIBERATELY DAMAGE, CIRCUMVENT, OR DISRUPT THE SPONSOR’S WEBSITE (OR ANY PART THEREOF) OR UNDERMINE THE LEGITIMATE OPERATION OF THIS CONTEST/SWEEPSTAKES MAY BE A VIOLATION OF CRIMINAL ANDCIVIL LAWS. SHOULD ANY SUCH ATTEMPT BE MADE, THE SPONSOR ANDITS LICENSEES (IF ANY) RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SEEK DAMAGES AND ANY OTHER AVAILABLE REMEDIES FROM ANY SUCH PERSON(S) RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SUCH ATTEMPT TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW. EACH ENTRANT (OR, IF THE ENTRANT IS NOT OF AGE OF MAJORITY IN HIS/HER STATE OF RESIDENCE, THE LEGAL GUARDIANS THEREOF) AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS THE SPONSOR AND ITS AGENTS FROM AND AGAINST ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, LOSSES, DAMAGES AND/OR LIABILITIES (INCLUDING REASONABLE ATTORNEYS' FEES AND EXPENSES) THAT MAY BE ASSERTED AGAINST OR INCURRED BY ANY OF THEM AT ANY TIME, IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE THEREOF, AND/OR BY ENTRANT’S BREACH OF ANY REPRESENTATION, WARRANTY ORCOVENANTS ASSOCIATED WITHTHIS CONTEST/SWEEPSTAKES. Theuse of anyautomated device, automated launching or entry software or any other mechanical or electronic means that permits the entrant to automatically enteror evaluate repeatedlyis prohibited. The Sponsor disclaims all liability for any delays, misdelivery, loss, or failure in the delivery of any item sent by mail, courier, express, electronic transmission, or other delivery method.

Released Partiesare not responsiblefor: (1) mechanical,technical, electronic, communications, telephone,computer, hardware or softwareerrors, malfunctions orfailures of anykind, including: failed,incomplete, garbled ordelayed transmission of online entries, traffic congestion on telephone lines, the Internet or at any website or lost or unavailable network connections which may limit an online entrant's ability to participate in the Contest/Sweepstakes; (2) any injury or damageto entrant’s orany other person’scomputer related to or resultingfrom participating in or downloadingany information necessary toparticipate in theContest/Sweepstakes; (3) anyincorrect or inaccurateinformation, whether caused by entrants, printing errors or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Contest/ Sweepstakes; (4) technical failures of any kind, including, but not limited to malfunctions, interruptions, or disconnections in phone lines or network hardware or software; (5) unauthorized human intervention in any part of the entry process or operation of the Contest/Sweepstakes; or(5) technical orhuman error whichmay occur inthe administration of the Contest/Sweepstakes or the processing of entries.

The Sponsor further reserves the right to: (i) cancel, terminate, suspend, declare null or void, amend, alter, or modify the Contest/Sweepstakes, voidany suspicious entries,rescind any prize,and/or determine absoluteresolution, and/or an alternate method of conducting the Contest/Sweepstakes and/or awarding the prize(s) at any time, for any reason, or if, in the sole discretionof the Sponsor,it is impossibleor impractical tocomplete or conductthe Contest/Sweepstakes as plannedfor any reason,including, but notlimited to, infectionby computer virus,bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures of any sort, programming associated with or used in the Contest/Sweepstakes, by any human error which may occur in the execution of this Contest/Sweepstakes, or any other causes which effect the operationof the Contest/Sweepstakes orthe rules of the integrityof the Contest/Sweepstakes havebeen violated or compromised inany way, intentionallyor unintentionally byany person whetheror not aentrant in theContest/ Sweepstakes and/or (ii) stop or conclude the Contest/Sweepstakes at any time without prior notice. Material changes to the Official Rules will be broadcast on-air, when practical. In the event of termination of the Contest/Sweepstakes by Sponsor, Sponsor reserves the right to award any prize(s) in a manner deemed fair and equitable by Sponsor.

6.PUBLICITY. Except whereprohibited, by acceptinga prize, winner(s)grant the Sponsorand Station(s) permission to use their names, characters, images, voices, and likenesses worldwide, in perpetuity, in any and all media now known or hereinafter invented in any and all marketing and promotional materials and waive any claims to royalty, right, or remuneration for such use. Each winner’s name may be included in a publicly available winners list.

7.USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION.   The Sponsorwill retain theentrant's personal datafor a reasonable period of time to enable it to send that entrant any prize that they have won and to verify that these Official Rules have been complied with, and for accounting purposes. This data may be passed to a third party to enable such third party to fulfill any necessary requirements relating to the award of a prize. Any other use of personal data will be in accordance with, and subject to, the Sponsor’s Privacy Policy located here. Entrant may have the opportunity to opt-in to receive emails from c third parties. In the event that entrant opts in to any available opportunities to receive information from a third party, that may or may not be associated with this Contest/Sweepstakes, entrant understands and acknowledges that his/her information will be provided to such third party and may be used by the third party as set forth in the third party’s privacy policy.  Any available opt-in opportunities are not required to enter the Contest/Sweepstakes, and opting in will not improve your chances of winning.

8.RELEASES, CONDITIONS, AND LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY.By participating inthe Contest/Sweepstakes, each entrant agrees to release and waive any and all claims of liability against theContest Entities and any applicable third party fulfillment service and each of their respective employees and agents (collectively, the “Released Parties”) from and against from anyand all liability,loss or damage(including personal injury)incurred with respectto the conductof or participation in the Contest/Sweepstakes, or the awarding, shipping/handling, receipt, possession, and/or use or misuse of any prize, including any travel related thereto. By accepting the prize, winner(s) hereby agrees that: (i) to release each of the Released Parties from any and all claims in connection with the Contest/Sweepstakes and the award or use of the prizes; and (ii) where allowed by law, sign a publicity release confirming consent to use the winner’s name/likeness as set forth in Section 6 prior to acceptance of the prize. The Released Parties are not responsible or liable to any entrant or winner or any person claiming through such entrant or winner for failure to supply the prize or any part thereof, by reason of any acts of God, any action, regulation, order or request by any governmental or quasi-governmental entity, including, but not limited to restrictions on travel, movement, and large gatherings, (whether or not the action, regulations, order or request proves tobe invalid), nationalemergency, equipment failure,threatened terrorist acts,terrorist acts, airraid, blackout, act ofpublic enemy, earthquake,volcanic eruption, war(declared or undeclared),fire, flood, epidemic, pandemic, viralor communicable  diseaseoutbreak, explosion, unusuallysevere weather, hurricane,embargo, labor dispute or strike (whether legal or illegal) labor or material shortage, transportation interruption of any kind, work slow- down, civil disturbance, insurrection, riot, or any other cause beyond the Contest/Sweepstakes Entities’ sole control. Upon awarding the prize, the Sponsor will have no further obligation to winner.

9.TAXES. Any valuation of the prize(s) stated above is based on available information provided to the Sponsor, and the valueof any prizeawarded to awinner may be reported tothe IRS asrequired by law.Each winner issolely responsible for reporting and paying any and all applicable federal, state, and local taxes, related to prize acceptance and use not specified herein. Each winner must provide the Sponsor with valid identification and a valid taxpayer identification number orsocial security numberbefore any prizewill be awarded. Any person winning over $600 in prizes from the Sponsor in a calendar year will be issued an IRS Form 1099 reporting the value of those prizes to the IRS.

10.CONDUCT AND DECISIONS. All decisions of the Sponsor will be final and binding on all matters relating to this Contest/Sweepstakes. Persons who violate any rule, gain unfair advantage in participating in the Contest/Sweepstakes, or obtain winner status using fraudulent means will be disqualified. The Sponsor will interpret these Rules and resolve any disputes, conflicting claims or ambiguities concerning the rules or the Contest/Sweepstakes and the Sponsor’s decisions concerning such disputes shall be final. Any reference in these Official Rules or as part of the Contest/Sweepstakes to the Sponsor’s and/or Station’s"discretion" and/or  anyexercise of discretionby the Sponsoror Station shallmean in Sponsor’s and/orStation’s "sole andunfettered discretion." TheSponsor further reservesthe right toterminate the Contest/Sweepstakes if in its sole judgment, the rules or the integrity of the Contest/Sweepstakes have been violated or compromisedin any way,intentionally or unintentionally byany person whetheror not aentrant in theContest/ Sweepstakes. In theevent the Contest/Sweepstakes isterminated, Sponsor willaward the prize(s)in a mannerto be determined bySponsor from alleligible entries receivedprior to termination.   Ifapplicable material changesto the Contest/Sweepstakes ruleswill be broadcaston-air and availableon-line at theStation’s website, whenpractical. The Sponsor’s failure to enforce any term of these Official Rules shall not constitute a waiver of this provision.

11.BINDING ARBITRATION.     Any controversyor claim arisingout of orrelating to theSponsor Contest/ Sweepstakes shall be settled by binding arbitration in a location determined by the arbitrator as set forth herein (provided that such location is reasonably convenient for claimant), or at such other location as may be mutually agreed upon by the parties, in accordance with the procedural rules for commercial disputes set forth in the Comprehensive Arbitration Rules and Procedures of JAMS (“JAMS Rules and Procedures”) then prevailing, and judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. The arbitrator shall be selected pursuant to the JAMS Rules and Procedures. The arbitratorshall apply Texaslaw consistent withthe Federal Arbitration Act andapplicable statutes of limitations,and shall honorclaims of privilegerecognized at law.In the event that the claimant is able to demonstrate that the costs of arbitration will be prohibitive as compared to the costs of litigation, Sponsor will pay as much of the claimant’s filing and hearing fees in connection with the arbitration as the arbitrator deems necessary to prevent the arbitration from being cost-prohibitive. If any part of this arbitration provision is deemed to be invalid, unenforceable or illegal (other than that claims will not be arbitrated on a class or representative basis), or otherwise conflicts with the rules and procedures established by JAMS, then the balance of this arbitration provision shall remain in effect and shall be construed in accordance with its terms as if the invalid, unenforceable, illegal or conflicting provision were not contained herein. If, however, the portion that is deemed invalid, unenforceable or illegal is that claims will not be arbitrated on a class or representative basis, then the entirety of this arbitration provision shall be null and void, and neither claimant nor Sponsor shall be entitled to arbitrate their dispute. Upon filing a demand for arbitration, all parties to such arbitration shall have the right of discovery, which discovery shall be completed within sixty days after the demand for arbitration is made, unless further extended by mutual agreement of the parties.  THE ARBITRATION OF DISPUTES PURSUANT TO THIS PARAGRAPH SHALL BE IN THEENTRANT’S INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY,AND NOT ASA PLAINTIFF ORCLASS MEMBER IN ANYPURPORTED CLASS ORREPRESENTATIVE PROCEEDING. THEARBITRATOR MAY NOT CONSOLIDATE ORJOIN THE CLAIMS OFOTHER PERSONS ORPARTIES WHO MAY BESIMILARLY SITUATED. DO  NOT  ENTERTHIS  CONTEST/SWEEPSTAKES  IFYOU  DO  NOTAGREE  TO  HAVEANY  CLAIM  OR CONTROVERSY ARBITRATED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THESE OFFICIAL RULES.

12.MISCELLANEOUS. Sponsor reservesthe right todetermine eligibility shouldspecial circumstances arise,all decisions are considered final and binding. Sponsor disclaims any responsibility to notify entrants of any aspect related to the conduct of the Contest/Sweepstakes. As a condition of participating in the Contest/Sweepstakes, entrants agree (and agreeto confirm inwriting) that: (a)under no circumstanceswill entrant bepermitted to obtaincosts, judgments, or awardsfor, and entranthereby knowingly andexpressly waives allrights to claimor seek punitive,incidental, consequential,special, or anyother damages, otherthan for actual,third-party out-of-pocket expenses,and in such limitation, entrant further waives any rights to have damages multiplied or otherwise increased; (b) any and all disputes, claims, or causes of action arising out of or connected with this Contest/Sweepstakes, or any prize awarded, shall be resolved individually, through binding arbitration as set forth above, without resort to any form of class action; and (c) any and all claims, judgments, and awards shall be limited to actual out-of-pocket costs incurred (if any), excluding attorneys’ fees and court costs. Some jurisdictions do not allow the limitations or exclusion of liability, so the above may not apply to every entrant. Participationin the Contest/Sweepstakes constitutesentrant’s full andunconditional agreement to,and acceptance of these Official Rules. Winning a prize is contingent upon entrant’s fulfillment of all requirements set forth herein.

13.COMPLIANCE WITH LAW AND GOVERNING LAW. All issuesand questions concerningthe construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of the Contest/Sweepstakes Official Rules, or the rights and obligations of entrant and Sponsor in connection with the Contest/Sweepstakes, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of theState of Texas,U.S.A., without givingeffect to theconflict of lawsrules thereof, andany matters or proceedings which are not subject to arbitration as set forth in Section 11 of these Official Rules and/or for entering any judgment on an arbitration award, shall take place in the State of Texas, in the City of San Antonio.

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TheContest is open only toindividuals who (i)are legal U.S.residents of thestates of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Wyoming who reside within one of the counties listed below:


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Alameda, CA; Contra Costa, CA; Lake, CA; Marin, CA; Mendocino, CA; Napa, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Mateo, CA; Santa Clara, CA; Solano, CA; Sonoma, CA;


Syracuse, NY



Cayuga, NY; Cortland, NY; Madison, NY; Oneida, NY; Onondaga, NY; Oswego, NY; Seneca, NY; Tompkins, NY;




Zip Codes: 08602, 08604, 08605, 08603, 08606, 08607, 08645, 08646, 08647, 08666, 08695, 08601, 08609, 08629, 08635, 08650, 08608, 08611, 08619, 08638, 08610, 08618, 19067, 08648, 08690, 08628, 19030, 19054, 08629, 19058, 19055, 19057, 08554, 08515, 08518, 08550, 08534, 19047, 08505, 18977, 19007, 19056, 08561, 08691, 08560, 19049, 19048, 08544, 08541, 08543, 08542, 085016, 08022, 08501, 08536, 18940, 19021, 08540, 08520, 08526, 19053, 08041, 08562, 08530, 19020, 08512, 08504, 08528, 08525, 08558, 18954, 08553, 18943, 18966, 08060, 08555, 08514, 08042, 1898, 08010, 18946


Wichita, KS





Barber, KS; Barton, KS; Butler, KS; Chase, KS; Cheyenne, KS; Clark, KS; Comanche, KS; Cowley, KS; Decatur, KS; Dickinson, KS; Edwards, KS; Elk, KS; Ellis, KS; Ellsworth, KS; Finney, KS; Ford, KS; Gove, KS; Graham, KS; Grant, KS; Gray, KS; Greeley, KS; Greenwood, KS; Hamilton, KS; Harper, KS; Harvey, KS; Haskell, KS; Hodgeman, KS; Jewell, KS; Kearny, KS; Kingman, KS; Kiowa, KS; Lane, KS; Lincoln, KS; Logan, KS; Marion, KS; Mcpherson, KS; Meade, KS; Mitchell, KS; Morton, KS; Ness, KS; Norton, KS; Osborne, KS; Ottawa, KS; Pawnee, KS; Phillips, KS; Pratt, KS; Rawlins, KS; Reno, KS; Rice, KS; Rooks, KS; Rush, KS; Russell, KS; Saline, KS; Scott, KS; Sedgwick, KS; Seward, KS; Sheridan, KS; Sherman, KS; Stafford, KS; Stanton, KS; Stevens, KS; Sumner, KS; Thomas, KS; Trego, KS; Wallace, KS; Wichita, KS;

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