Invasive Stink Bug Population To Increase Across These Midwestern States

Brown marmorated stink bug, indoors

Photo: Getty Images

Stink bugs are not new to the United States, but some regions are more used to their presence than others. According to WGN9, Michigan, Illinois,Wisconsin, and Ohio are expected to see an increase in stink bug population this season due in large part to climate change.

The brown marmorated stink bug only releases a particularly foul smell when it is killed. The United States Environmental Protection Agency mentioned that the stink bug causes damage to plants, and seeks indoor shelter when the weather begins to get colder. The agency also noted that the bug does not bite, or pose a threat to architectural structures. These insects are dangerous to the Midwest due to the effect that they have on crops. According to The United States Environmental Protection Agency, the brown marmorated stink bug feasts on crops and causes physical damage to the plant that can lead to disease.

“Every system will change with climate change, so the fact that you can grow garbanzo beans, lentils or wheat without these pests now, doesn’t mean that you will not have them in a few years,” Washington State University entomologist Javier Gutierrez Illan shared with WSU Insider in regards to the reason for the population increase.

WGN9 noted that states surrounding the Great Lakes will be especially impacted by the increase of these smelly bugs.

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