Ohio City Named Among America's 10 Most Affordable Lake Towns

Photo: Vince Barnes/iStock/Getty Images

A destination just outside of a popular Ohio city has been recognized as one of the most affordable lake towns in America.

Realtor.com compiled a list of the 10 most affordable lake towns in the country, analyzing towns within a half-mile of a named lake as well as the average listing prices, and Cheapism broke down the list by describing what each town has to offer.

According to the Cheapism, Lorain, located outside of Cleveland along Lake Erie, is among the country's most affordable lake towns. Known for its steel mill, this city with a population around 65,000 has a median housing list price of $135,000.

Here's what the site had to say:

"Often referred to as 'Steel City,' Lorain isn't your average Ohio city. It's located along Lake Erie at the mouth of the Black River, yet it's still only about 25 miles west of the bustling city of Cleveland. Basically, in the same day, you can boat, fish, and catch a Cleveland Browns' game."

Visit the list at cheapism.com to read up on the best affordable lake towns in the country. Want to learn more about special Ohio lake destinations? Check out our coverage of the best lake town in the Buckeye State as well as the best lake destination in the entire state.

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