QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson Excited To Get Work With Deshaun Watson Again

Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl - Pittsburgh v UCLA

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BEREA, OH--- On coming to Cleveland and joining a QB room with QB Deshaun Watson:

“Luckily, I’ve had plenty of times to be able to meet Deshaun. He’s been able to come out to UCLA, work out there and me just wanting to go out there and get extra work in. Him allowing me to work out with him has been very beneficial for me throughout my college career. Now, to finally be able to join up with him, I think, will be really special for me and my development. I think it will go a long way and I think as well as his development. I think I can help him out, too, giving him an extra set of eyes and ears just from everything I’ve learned in college so far.”


On coming to Cleveland without pressure on him to play/start:

“Everything you just said is pretty much the plan. I plan on coming in and, obviously, working as hard as I can to gain the team’s trust. At the same time, my development, I think, is going to be the most important part in this whole piece. Obviously, you guys have Deshaun and he’s going to do wonderful things this year. For me to be able to learn from him and then, ultimately, be able to take the reigns later on, I think will be very beneficial for me.”


On working out with Watson and if his relationship with Watson helped him end up in Cleveland:

“I would like to think so, for sure (Laughs). I think just right place, right time when it comes to meeting him. Luckily, like I said, through UCLA and guys wanting to train in L.A. for the NFL, we’ve been able to just run into each other. Like I said, luckily he’s been able to welcome me in with open arms every time, even though I was the young recruit and young college kid every time he would come out. I think our relationship prior to me getting into the program, I think will help us out a bunch come season time.”


On how playing in Chip Kelly’s offense has prepared him for the NFL:

” I think everything that you see us running on Saturdays at UCLA has been shown in a cutup tape or some type of example from when coach Kelly was in the NFL. I’ve been running an NFL system for quite some time now. Coach Kelly has been able to add on more stuff to my plate to make sure I’m getting as prepared as I can for the next level and I thank him a bunch for that. I think I’m extremely prepared, just with the offense I ran, the responsibility I had in the offense. Then, just my head coach trusting in me. I think that’s the biggest part for a quarterback, gaining your coaches’ and players’ trust. For me to be to do that, I think, is huge.”


On how similar he thinks his game and skillset is to Watson:

“Deshaun is a very unique and special player in his own right. I think I do have some very similar traits and some special talents of my own. I think the one thing that me and Deshaun really have in common is how we play the game from the neck up. He’s a real smart dude, really knows how to study a playbook and break it down. He’s like a coach on the field and I try to come with the same approach, so I think that’s kind of where we’re similar.”


On what quarterbacks he emulated growing up:

“This might not have been the best example for a young kid, but Aaron Rodgers. I was a big fan of his growing up and watching him for the Packers and everything when he took over for Brett Favre. That’s kind of been my favorite quarterback. Recent years, I’ve definitely watched a lot of Deshaun. Obviously, a lot of Jalen Hurts with the success he’s had.”


On his scouting report on WR Cedric Tillman:

“Ever since high school and ever since the first time I met Cedric, super down-to-earth person, super humble. He’s a workaholic and someone that just needs an opportunity and he can take the rest. That’s the one thing I love about Cedric, is he has never needed any handouts or anybody to give anything to him. He truly is about his business and everything that the Browns got him for is definitely true. I have the utmost respect for Cedric and I can’t wait to play with him.”


On how much excitement is added to today knowing he can reconnect with Tillman:

“He texted me this morning wishing me good luck and everything. I was a little frustrated that I didn’t go yesterday, so he gave me some words of encouragement there. I’m super ecstatic to be able to not only live with Cedric, but I have a bunch of former teammates on that team in (S) Bubba Bolden, who I played with at Gorman with Cedric. Then, (RB) Demetric Felton Jr., who I played with at UCLA, so definitely a lot of familiarity there. They’ve all reached out and congratulated me so far, so I’m super happy and super ecstatic. Blessed to be a Brown, for sure.”


On his biggest area of growth:

“I think just taking another step and making sure that I’m checking off all the boxes when it comes to things outside of the field. I think I’m pretty naturally talented and can figure stuff out on the fly when it comes to just playing football, but really having all the answers. Over these past two years, before I even stepped out onto the field and knowing exactly what the defense is giving me and knowing exactly how to attack that, I think has been really beneficial for me. It has really taken my game to another level, like it did these past two years.”


On having family connections to Ohio:

“Yes, so I have an uncle that’s at my draft party right now. He is from Ohio. My grandparents on my mother’s side are from Ohio and my mom was raised there. I want to say it’s somewhere around Marblehead. I think my uncle lives in Columbus.”

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