Better Business Bureau Scam of the week - Romance Scams

Think you found your soulmate online? Think again. Phony Romeos search for victims on dating apps and can even reach out to you through social media. They quickly express their love for you and seem to be the perfect match. Soon, however, they stop tugging at your heartstrings and start grabbing for your purse strings. 

They will tell you tales of woe about medical or financial emergencies for themselves or family members and ask for cash. Some romance scammers will convince you to invest money with them, often in the form of cryptocurrency. Others may fool you into forwarding money for them as part of a business deal. If you fall for any of these, the scammer will continue to bleed money from you until you finally realize you have been duped.  

How can you spot a romance scam?  

Do a reverse image search on their profile picture. If the details don’t match what they told you…it is a scam.

If they can never meet you in person or tell you to keep your relationship a secret, these are big red flags.

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