Better Business Bureau Scam of the Week - Foreclosure Scams

If you are behind on mortgage payments, you could be targeted by a phony foreclosure specialist. This scam can leave you buried in debt or even homeless.  

Scammers use public records to find homeowners who are in foreclosure or behind on mortgage payments. They offer a way for you to modify your payments and save your home simply by signing some documents. 

If you don't read everything carefully, you may sign something that transfers the title of your home to the scammer. The house will technically belong to the scammer once the document is notarized and filed with the County Clerk. Getting your home back after you willingly signed over the deed, even if a scammer misled you, is a very long and difficult process.

Don’t let con artists catch you in this dastardly deed. Get help from trustworthy sources. If you are behind on your mortgage or have received a pre-foreclosure notice, find a local housing counseling organization at

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