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5 Tips For Curing That Hangover

Drinking alcohol can come with the worst side effect of them all, the dreaded hangover. Many of us have had our fair share of experiencing a hangover which can include symptoms of a headache, nausea, fatigue and even the spins. Dr. ER, Jordan Wagner, has a few good tips to help ease the next day feeling.

Dr. Wagner says to avoid "congeners." Congeners are a part of the distilling process. He says "They add deep flavors to dark alcoholic beverages." Some examples of dark alcohols containing this chemical are whiskey & scotch. You can lessen your odds of having an awful hangover by choosing vodka, gin or a light rum.

Many people claim the "Hair of the Dog" is what cures their hangover. There is no actual evidence that this is true but Dr. Wagner says there's some "interesting science" that backs this statement. Basically, by having that morning drink you are weaning yourself off from your inebriated state.

Drink plenty of water! If you follow each beverage with a glass of water you can slow down the alcohol absorption and fill yourself up so you end up drinking less.

Studies say that people who smoke heavily while drinking suffer from worse hangovers.

Take your vitamins! By boosting your vitamin intake you are preparing your body for the incoming consumption of alcohol. He says by getting some vitamin B and zinc in your system it can lessen the effects.

As a bonus he says to think about having a light breakfast after a night out such as toast and juice. Greasy foods might be what you crave but might not be the best decision the next day.

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