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Episode #523 – Travis and Tayler = Trailer

Episode #522 – Friday the Friday Out of This Fridayin’ Friday

Nintendo Has an Interesting History/ Autumn Arrives EARLY Tomorrow/ How to Keep Your Lady/ Cedar Point Tickets/ What’s Goin On This Weekend/ Cleveland Bites

Episode #521 – A.I. Understands Your Chicken

Hey! It’s the 21st of September/ Olympic Silver in Architecture/ What’s Goin’ On This Weekend/ A Little Good News: Old Stone Church/ THAT’S What an F-35 Sounds Like

Episode # 520 – A Garlic Fresh Toilet

You Can’t Enter as a Polygamist/ Cleveland Bites/ Peter Gabriel Tickets/ A Little Good News: Teacher Gets Supplies Back/ Cedar point Tickets/ Howling Humans/ Deion Says, Leave the Kid Alone/ Caught Farting on Camera

Episode #519 – Defending Your Defense

Browns Lose More Than the Game/ As Plentiful as White House Fireplaces/ The iPhone Ring Ballad/ A Little Good News: Adult Spelling Bee/ Cedar Point Tickets/ Put-In-Bay Vintage Sports Car Races

Episode #518 – Sexy Anchovies

New Micky Dolenz is New R.E.M./ Prince had “Manic Mondays”/ Insta Nobel Laureates/ What a Weekend/ Couple’s Metal is Tested/ Cedar Point Tickets

Episode #517 – Mark Nolan - Fashion Titan

Jorts Are Back! / As Long as a Mars Year/ ‘N Sync is Back! / A Little Good News: Sports for Everybody/ What’s Goin’ On This Weekend/ Cleveland Bites

Episode # 516 – Growth Hacking

That’s Not a Cop Car/ The Honeymoon Is NOT Over/ We’re Low on Serial Killers/ A Little Good News: Veteran Helps Veterans/ Aerosmith Postponed/ The Most Annoying Work Terms

Duran Duran's John Taylor

Heading out to Blossom for Duran Duran? Enjoy this great conversation with Joh Taylor. John talks, disco, punk and our own Rock Hall! Tak a listen on the way to the concert!

Episode #515 – The Nap-uccino Returns

Walmart Can be Bananas/ The Browns New Tailgate/ Swatted by a Bear/ A Little Good News: Donation to UH/ Guardians Tickets/ What’s Goin on This Weekend/ Cleveland Bites