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The Mark Nolan Show

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Episode #620 – You Can Count on the Gregorian Calendar

Episode #619 – The Great Salt Water of India

The First Knock Knock Joke / Power Outages and Storm Clean Up / Cleveland Bites / Totally Tubular Fest Tickets / A Little Good News: Teen Pays it Forward After Being Save by AED/ A Last Second Win for the CAVS / Let Them Eat Cereal

Episode #618 – Workin’ it Out

The Bobby Flay Easy Bake Oven / Are You Wearing Your Seatbelt Right? / Do You Have an Old Person Name? / Totally Tubular Fest Tickets / A Little Good News: School Raises $12k for Lunch Lady/ CAVS Tickets / What People Are Making on Instagram

Episode #617 – The Vein of Love

64 Extra Calories… Worth It / The City Was Still Awak at 3:30AM / Travis Kelce Had the Wrong Answer/ Like, Totally / A Little Good News: Ohio Woman Finds Long Lost Dog/ CAVS Tickets / What Did it Cost to Live in 1962

Episode #616 – The Saltening

He Can See for Miles and Miles / Is Nolan Missing Something with This Eclipse? / When Door Dash Doesn’t Come to the Door/ Does Your Phone Work Yet? / Awesome Ways to Win Next Week / A Little Good News: Therapy Helping Cleveland Students Read/ Catch Up on your Dating Slang / What’s Goin’ On This Weekend/ Cleveland Bites

Episode #615 – Put Foreigner in the Rock Hall

How Did that Elephant Do That? / Picciano is Jet Lagged/ What’s Goin’ On This Weekend/ Someone REALLY Wants Foreigner in the Rock Hall/ A Little Good News: 1st Patient on New Melanoma Treatment Cancer Free/ Tickets to See Toto/ Dolly and Lainey Sing a Song

Episode #614 – Warm Smell of Colitas

How About a Jar of Toothpaste / Apple Vision Pro vs Tequilla/ Wing Falling Apart? No Problem/ A Little Good News: Ohio Man Pays Off School Lunch Debt/ Tickets to See Toto/ Don’t Forget to Recognize When the Good Times Are Happening

Episode #613 – I’m Done Shoveling

The Patron Saint of Television / Gen Z Wants Corded Phones/ There’s New (Old) James Brown Music/ A Little Good News: Kelce Gives $100K to Shooting Victims/ Tickets to See Toto/ You’re Not The Only One Who’s Annoyed at the Grocery Store

Episode #612 – Museum of Failure

The Dragonfly is the Deadliest Hunter / The Early Bird Wins CAVS Tix/ We Chat with a Founder of Brite Winter/ A Little Good News: Couple Married for 70 Years/ Beach Boys, Mike Love Talks Rock Hall/ What’s Goin’ On This Weekend

Episode #611 – Hold on to Your Hat

What’s Your Home Improvement Score? / Go See Your CAVS/ What’s Goin on This Weekend/ A Little Good News: High Schooler Pulls People From Burning Car/ Beach Boys Tickets! / Jason Kelce Won’t Let Travis Off the Mat