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The Mark Nolan Show

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Episode #461 – May The Schwartz Be With You

Episode #460 – You Gotta Nurdle That Toothbrush

Gone Like Kansas White Castles/ You Opened Pandora’s… Jar? / A Little Good News: Super Scholar/ Mano E Mano with Picciano/ Nolan’s Grill Don’t Stop

Episode #459 – Screamin’ for Coaster Season

Like Breast Implants on a Dog… Wait/ Beyonce Sea Shanty/ Some Para Swimmer Good News/ What’s Goin’ On This Weekend/ Cleveland Bites/ A Flat Earther Plea

Episode #458 – The Devil’s Flatulence

That’s a Tall Bird/ We Remember Tina/ What’s Goin’ On This Weekend/ A Little Good News: Skill Meets Need/ The Whitesnake and Tina Turner Connection/ We Get You to the Point

Episode #457 – Hot Snail Takeover

That’s a Low-Cal Jellyfish/ No Live Benjamins/ Cleveland Bites/ iHeart Radio Access Day/ A Little Good News for a Couple’s Wedding/ Cedar Point Screamers/ Stevie Thanks Taylor/ That Book is REALLY Overdue

Episode #456 – A Road Trippin’ Weekend

What a Weekend! /A Little Good News/ Hey, Praying Mantis… Look Over Here! / Don’t Wear Your Shoes in the House

Episode #455 – President is a Dangerous Job

If the Simpsons Aged, Homer Would Be A Boomer/ A Little Good News With Respect/ A Great Mother’s Day Weekend/ That Was No Dream, That Was A Bee

Episode #454 – Be Nice to Your Niblings

Is that a Goat or Human? /You Know Your Majic Men/ The Beer Guy Thanks You/ We ARE Livin’ On the Edge/ What’s Goin’ On This Weekend/ Cleveland Bites/ Canada is Lake Heavy

Episode #453 - All. The. Aerosmith.

My Shadenfreude Over Your Schnapsidee/ What's Goin' On This Weekend/ Know Your Nursing Students/ A Little Good News/ Sing it Like Aerosmith/ White Elephants Can't Jump

Episode #452 - Nice Work, Robert Stack

Nothin' But a Punk Turtle/ Cleveland Bites/ What's Goin' On This Weekend/ Live Nation Concert Week Begins! / His Get Up and Go, Got Up and Went