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Jen's Home Reno Update - Brought to you by Home Appliance Sales and Service

Update 12-4-13
Boy, am I glad we worked with Home Appliance Sales and Service for our kitchen renovation. Their customer service has been out of this world. They were helpful, available and responsive. And they worked with us to put together the best suite of appliances for our kitchen remodel. What more can you ask for in a sales team? Not only that, I took advantage of their Black Friday prices, it’s the best time to buy. And they’ve extended those Black Friday savings through this Wednesday, December 6th. No interest and no payments until November of 2024! It was wonderful to have that huge Avon showroom to work with and all the full kitchens on display, several live ones too. And they’ve got an in-house chef who’ll show you how to use it all. 

Update 11-27-23
How much time did you spend in the kitchen this holiday weekend? Not just on the stove, and in and out of the fridge…but washing so many dishes. So many meals, and tons of company around for the long weekend. It makes me grateful we actually chose to add a second dishwasher to our order with Home Appliance Sales and Service. We decided to outfit our pantry with a full-sized sink, and an Asko brand dishwasher. What a help that will be when the dishes start piling up. We waited and plotted now is the time for us to make the purchases we carefully decided on with the team at Home Appliance Sales. They tell me now is the best time of the whole year to pull the trigger on the appliances you’ve been meaning to purchase or upgrade. 

Update 11-20-23
I was positively overwhelmed when I went about starting to redesign my kitchen, from the layout, to the cabinetry and the appliances. But the team at Home Appliance Sales and Service was such an important part of making my dream kitchen a reality as we renovate and remodel our new home. I went straight to the Home Appliance Sales and Service Avon showroom because they have so many brands and models to check out. And they worked with me to put together the best package when it was time to purchase. We’re designing a custom hood for above our range, but we were able to work a deal with Thermador to include a motor for free through purchases of other appliances. This is the kind of personal touch I appreciate as the customer service and sales team helps us make the most of our budget. Now is the best time of the year to buy, because Black Friday savings are going on right now thorough 11/29. Plus, they have exclusive rebates that the box stores don’t have to save customers even more. See for yourself at Home Appliance Sales and Service showrooms in Avon and Brunswick. 

Update - 11/13/23
To stainless steel or not to stainless steel? Do you panel or not? Help me make this call. So glad I had the team at Home Appliance Sales and Service to advise me on these key decisions in my kitchen designs. I like the look of the clean stainless steel on appliances like a refrigerator and dishwasher. But will is stay that way? We’ve also got gold hardware planned for the cabinetry, so we’d be introducing mixed materials. We could panel the fridge and freezer columns to match our cabinets, but we’ve chosen light cabinets. So, won’t those get messy from kids fingerprints and frequent touch points? Lots of choices ahead as we finalize the finishes and fun details of our dream kitchen.

Update - November 3, 2023
Having a new appliance is like driving a brand new car, right? And I can’t wait to ‘drive’ the new suite of appliances I’ve picked out from Home Appliance Sales and Service. I wanted to start with the range and let that brand and style choice dictate what I chose for the refrigerator and dishwasher. Can we talk about this Thermador fridge? Let me at it! I can’t wait to have the space and the set up to do everything I want to in the kitchen. It’s going to make not only my life easier, but it will finally be easier for my family to get at things in the fridge when everything isn’t all jammed up in there like my current fridge is. My new side-side Thermador fridge (See the photos) will have real space for the meal prep I try to do on the weekends, plus three lunch boxes every day for my daughters. And we've chosen to put a water filter in next to the faucet in the island so we aren’t losing ‘real estate’ in the refrigerator for the water dispenser. Can we move in yet??

Update - October 30, 2023

It’s officially comfort food season. I’ve been busy with soups, and stews, and all things warm and cozy. And I continue to dream about my beautiful new kitchen remodel in the works. When I set out selecting my new appliances I wanted to level up, and didn’t want to just replace what I have in my current kitchen. So, we don’t have just a run of the mill microwave on the countertop coming…nope, we selected a Bosch speed oven. It’s going to be built in to the wall, just like a regular oven. It’s a 2 in 1 appliance, so it operates as both a microwave and a convection oven for the ultimate cooking versatility. And I found a compact size that’s the perfect addition for the layout of my new kitchen. It’s fast and convenient for some quick turn meals I know I’ll be making. And this will help me save time and energy, for small batches of things, for instance, because I won’t have to fire up my gas stove. Prior to this design experience, I’d never even heard of a speed oven and what they could offer a busy family, but the team at Home Appliance Sales and Service has plenty of knowledge to help you decide if there’s a model out there that works for your kitchen layout and your family’s lifestyle. Check out the selections of speed ovens available at Home Appliance Sales and Service.

Update - October 23, 2023
I spent a lot of time cooking this weekend in my old kitchen and the whole time which I was mixing, stirring and simmering, I was dreaming about what it’ll be like in my newly renovated kitchen once everything is torn up and totally reimagined. I had a pot of sauce and meatballs, soups and all kinds of meal prep elements going at once at different stages…but I was getting in my own way. I can’t wait to cook on my six-burner range I’ve got coming from Home Appliance Sales and Service. I’ll be able to make family dinners, bake, prep for the week and make all kinds of recipes that will not only make my life easier, but also show my family and my guests just how much I love them. There will be so much more room for prep work on our large island, replacing the peninsula that’s currently there. And the sales team at Home Appliance Sales and Service helped me pick out the perfect work horse of a dishwasher to handle all that I do in my kitchen every day. I'll be able to move seamlessly between my range behind me, and the sink and dishwasher, placed inside the island. Next steps include the details of our walk-in pantry! 

Update October 16, 2023

You know that feeling once you’ve made the decision to upgrade your home or move, but you’re still in your current home? I’m antsy, and SO excited to get started transforming our new home through a whole home renovation. But we still have a long way to go. 

Part of the process has been consulting with others who have gone through the same thing. I’m learning as much as I can about mistakes to avoid and must-do’s. 

When it came to deciding which appliances to choose with my team at Home Appliance Sales and Service, I went with a brand that I knew we’d be able to get in a reasonable amount of time. The last thing I wanted to do was go through months of demo, and rebuilding only to have gaping holes in our beautiful kitchen while we waited for our appliances to arrive before we could move back in. Production, construction and delivery delays have plagued homeowners and contractors for years now. For me timing was more important than loyalty or interest in a specific brand. Check out the photos below to see the range we selected.

I also spent some time with the customer service professionals at Home Appliance Sales and Service to talk about the potential service calls we might need over the course of the many years we’re going to own these appliances. Based on their decades of experience, I am confident that the installation is going to go smoothly, and that should we ever need them, Home Appliance Sales and Service will be responsive and thorough with whatever we need to keep our kitchen running flawlessly! 

Update - October 9, 2023
It’s getting real! We’re talking details about the elements of my dream kitchen and our whole home renovation. To be honest, the kitchen is the part of this project that has me most excited. I am dreaming up a show piece kind of setting, that I hope will be the jewel of our new home. After I landed on the kind of range I want, a Thermador 48 inch gas range, it was time to settle on the specifics. 

As part of our consultation with Home Appliance Sales and Service, I worked with their sales team to discuss how we live and how we plan to use the appliances that will be part of our purchase. So they asked questions and guided me on choices like panel-ready or stainless-steel options. How does anyone keep their stainless-steel appliances clean? I figure mine will just be covered in calendars, magnets, pictures, artwork and such. I landed on stainless-steel for my refrigerator, but I think we’re going to put a panel on the dishwasher, which will be in the large island we’ve designed. The Home Appliance Sales and Service team is also providing great insight on the kind of hood and motor we’ll need to handle the kind of output my range will have. So happy to have this group of experts on my renovation team! 

Update - October 2, 2023
I did a lot of cooking this weekend in our current home and now that I’ve made my decision about what kind of kitchen appliances I want in our new home (Thermador) I am SO excited to get to work cooking on my new range. Seriously! I’ll be ordering a 48 inch range from Home Appliance Sales and Service, all gas, with six burners and a cast iron griddle. I can’t wait to make pancakes, bacon and sausage on weekend mornings on that griddle. To help me make my decision, I actually sought out a friend who I knew had recently purchased a suite of Thermador appliances for their new home and I asked if I could make him dinner, using his recently purchased range so I could really see how it worked. He didn’t object! I whipped up some glazed carrots and meatballs in mushroom sauce so I could see how the Thermador range performed in a variety of modes (sauté, simmer, fry, etc.) It’s like driving a new car! I loved the user-friendly positioning and labeling of the knobs and the even, consistent heat I got with the Thermador range.That’s just what the staff chef at Home Appliance Sales and Service, Brittany Reilly, told me when I went to look at one of their six live kitchens they have at their Avon showroom. What a resource that is! Now that I’ve decided on the size and make up of my range it’s time to talk details for our order with the great sales team at Home Appliance Sales and Service.

Update - September 25, 2023
My husband and I are on the front end of a big renovation project at our new home. And that means lots of big decisions that I want to get right. That includes the appliances in my new kitchen, where I’m going to be cooking and using these appliances every day. I spent some time with the sales staff and the in-house chef at home appliance sales and service---and the guidance, advice and real-world experience they shared was invaluable. They helped me make the right selections for our project, factoring in my budget and the timing of construction. It was exactly what I needed when I was feeling overwhelmed. I walked out feeling informed, and confident in both my decision and in the service I know I’ll get from Home Appliance Sales and Service from placing my order, to delivery and installation. Shop around on their website, for kitchen and laundry appliances. If you have a particular brand or model in mind, like I did, you can even see the specific items they have on display at their showrooms on Pearl Road in Brunswick or on Jaycox in Avon

Update - September 18, 2023
Welcome to something new on! I’ll be sharing all that’s going on with a big project in my world. My husband and I bought our dream property and we’ve got big renovation plans to make it into our forever home. Each week I’ll be bringing you renovation updates and sharing our experiences. This is all new to me, and I am leaning on friends and contacts I’ve developed in Cleveland, so we can make the best choices for our home. I knew I wanted to start with the appliances for the kitchen. A kitchen is the heart of a home, and I run a pretty busy home kitchen. My husband jokes it’s a semi-commercial kitchen. I knew I wanted to put a lot of thought and energy into what would go in it. I studied reviews, got personal recommendations and I asked a lot of questions. And I was so excited to hear about the large showroom Home Appliance Sales and Service has on Jaycox Road in Avon. They had so many full kitchen set ups for me to look at and learn about so I could make the right decision for our budget and our lifestyle. The first step was to make an appointment with them and I got great one-on-one time with the sales staff and their in-house chef who gave me incredible insights on the product lines and models I was interested in. This is the fun stuff! 

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