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Elderly Woman Used A Grenade As A Hammer For Decades And Didn’t Know It

Hand grenade, close-up.

Photo: Laurent Hamels / PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections / Getty Images

A 90-year-old Chinese woman is lucky to have lived that long considering what she used as a hammer.

Two decades ago, she found a handy “tool” in a field and used it to hammer nails, and crack nuts. 

It turned out to be an unexploded grenade.

Last week, a crew working on demolishing her old house saw the grenade and let her know what it was.

Police note that the woman used it a lot, as the wooden handle had become smooth from years of use, while the metallic head was full of dents.

While some thought it was a training grenade, the police proved that wrong when they blew up to dispose of the ordinance.

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